Ain Sokhna

Project Name

Investors Service Building (TEDA) – Ain Sokhna

The project consists of 2 buildings. The hotel was executed on an area of 9280 square meters, consisting of the hotel of a ground floor plus 6 repeated stories and is composed if a lobby, cafeteria, reception, restaurants and 126 rooms. The Investors’ Service building was executed on an area of 22400 square meters. It consists of a ground floor plus 7 repeated stories, composed of a group of offices and social halls to serve investors in the region.

All architectural, construction, electro-mechanical and electrical mechanical works, including fire alarms networks, monitoring cameras, illumination networks, data and telecommunication networks, audio listening system, fire alarm system, low and medium tension distribution panels, switches and generators.


Binaa Group (Dr. Alaa Al-Sayyid)

Execution Period :
10 Months
Tida Group

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