Our Vision

Through training and developing its personnel and staff, the company is striving to become a pioneering establishment in the field of contracting, specialized in construction works for administrative buildings, in compliance with technical standards, performance and quality criteria and maintaining best practices as compared with similar contracting companies working in Egypt and the Middle East.
The company adopts transparent approach in all its operations and business transactions to retain its clients. Based on the highest standards, the company provides comprehensive and integrated services in the field of contracting works, executed at the highest technical standards , in order to maintain permanent clients’ satisfaction.
The company manages its business based on the best practices and technically efficient administrative systems, relied upon and utilized from in managing , administrative projects
, financial and administrative affairs.
Besides , The company depends on its own resources in financing its projects so the company is not obligated to assign its operations to others or enter into partnership with third parties.
Meanwhile, the company entrusts some of its specialized work to sub-contractors whom are registered in the company’s sub-contractors registry book , with previous work experience being approved by owner and project consultant.
• The company owns its pre-casting concrete batching plants, equipped with the neccessary
pumps for running its operations at Abu Rawwash Industrial zone and Al-Qattamiyyah in
Maadi .
• The company owns 62% of the shares of El Safwa Marble and Granite a (Limited Liability
Company ) , as one of distinguished and pioneering companies known for its products from local and imported marble, manufactured by utilizing from the marble manufacturing
machineries techniques in the world.
• The company owns carpentry works factory, equipped with modern equipment for cutting,
varnishing and pressing works to produce high level and distinguishable carpentry works, required for doors, cupboards, office furniture, claddings, and other works that promote
the execution level of work assigned to company.
• The company owns an industrial complex to manufacture processed and wrought metal
and aluminum works with mobile manufacturing workshops deployed at worksites.
• The company owns all required equipment to complete works as per highest standards on
shortest time range. Moreover, the company has its specialized management engaged in handling replacement , permanent and renewal of company’s equipment.